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Help: Secure patient portal registration

Thank you for your interest in registering for our secure patient portal.

If you are a new patient to our practice or are an existing patient who has not yet received a PIN, please use the following directions to register:

  1. Click the “Register here!” link on the right-hand side of this page.
  2. Follow the steps to create your account on our secure patient portal. Please do not register your account with an email address that is affiliated with your employer.
  3. At your next appointment, you will receive your PIN, which will link your electronic medical record to your secure patient portal account.

      If you are an existing patient to our practice who has received a PIN, please use the following directions to register:

  1. On your personal computer, access the inbox of your email account that you provided in the office (i.e. Gmail, Yahoo, Comcast, etc).
  2. Look for an email from MHC Healthcare with the subject “Secure Message.” If you cannot find the email in your inbox, check your spam or junk mail folders.
  3. In the body of the email, you will see a link. Click on the link and you will be prompted to register or sign in. 
  4. You will then be in the inbox of your patient portal account. You will see a PIN and a link. Copy your PIN and please note that it is case-sensitive. Then, click on the link located below the PIN and enter the requested information to complete your registration.

If you received the message “ The supplied information does not match a patient account,” but you feel you entered all of your information correctly…

Please be sure that you have avoided the following common errors:

  1. After entering your first or last name, do not hit the space bar. 
  2. If your first or last name is hyphenated, do not put a hyphen. Instead, enter a space where the hyphen should be. 
  3. When entering your PIN, be sure to type it exactly as it appears in the email. This means that all dashes, letters and numbers should be entered when applicable and that your PIN is case-sensitive.
  4. Be sure your date of birth is entered in the following format: MM/DD/YYYY.
  5. Your first and last name must match our in-office electronic medical record exactly. For example, if your nickname is “Kate,” but your chart is under “Katherine,” you must enter “Katherine” to successfully verify your identity.
  6. Do not enter your middle initial when verifying your identity. 

If you continue to have problems using the secure patient portal, please do not hesitate to contact us at 520-682-4111


In the event one of these online services isn't working properly, please call us at 520-682-4111. To protect your privacy and ensure your health, we cannot accept information meant for this portion of the site through email.